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Here are some carpet and upholstery care dos and don'ts from Carpet Cleaning Grapevine. If you've got house pets, you've got to be especially careful about how you care for your furniture and floor coverings.

Carpet and Upholstery Care - Dos and Don'ts for Pet Owners

We at Carpet Cleaning Grapevine suggests to Do vacuum once a week to control the amount of pet dander (like dandruff) that naturally falls from cats and dogs onto your carpet and furniture. Dander is a known trigger of pet related allergies.

Don't vacuum 'hairy' carpets until you've swept them first with a rubber broom or a damp mop. Once animal hair makes its way to your carpet it easily becomes embedded there. If you try to vacuum before removing some of it, you are likely to clog your vacuum cleaner, which will greatly affect its efficiency.

Carpet Cleaning Grapevine suggests that you Do pay attention to the state of your vacuum cleaner's dirt/dust collection apparatus. Clogged filters and overfilled bags or collection chambers are the number one causes of loss of suction power and vacuum cleaner malfunction.

Pet Accidents Treatment

Don't leave pet accidents alone - treat them as soon as they happen, or as soon as you see them to prevent permanent staining.

  • Remove any solid, or semi-solid, matter immediately, taking care not to rub it in.
  • Use a clean, dry towel to blot wet spots and remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Apply a paste made of baking soda and water to any discolored spots, let it dry, then brush or vacuum away. If you still see the spot, repeat the process.

Carpet Cleaning Grapevine suggests - Do spot test any carpet cleaning product in an inconspicuous area of the carpet before applying it to a more visible area. This is to ensure that the product will not do harm to carpet or upholstery fibers.

Don't use liquid products on your carpet. Over wetting can compound your problems by providing an excellent breeding ground for all types of undesirable bacteria and fungi.

Do try sprinkling baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to help control pet odors.

Do call a Carpet Cleaning Dallas at 214-550-0138 for state of the art carpet stain removal and pet odor removal.

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