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Upholstery Cleaning - Dry & Steam Upholstery Cleaning in Dallas

Before you clean your furniture upholstery, Call Upholstery Cleaning Dallas for a free consulting. There are countless upholstery fabric and fiber options available - just take a look at the furniture in the room where you are right now. What do you see? Antique furniture upholstered in silk brocade? Leather chairs or sofas? Corduroy? Velvet? Checks and plaids? Chintz? Not to mention auto upholstery - which can run the gamut from real leather to numerous leather substitutes and carpet upholstery.

Dallas Carpet Cleaning applauds your individual taste and wants to help you keep your interior design choices in tip-top condition with our upholstery cleaning service.

Unbeknownst to you, you're not alone on your auto or furniture upholstery. When you sit down, you are sitting down on whatever residue was left behind by the last person who sat on your sofa. Hair, skin particles, body oils, crumbs, dirt and dust are just a few of the more common types of dirt found on upholstery.

Upholstery Cleaning Dallas, TX 75201

Upholstery cleaning by Dallas Carpet Cleaning efficiently removes stains, spots, odors, dirt, grime, and bacteria build-up. Our process includes both dry and wet methods, depending on the type of fabric or fiber we are facing. Regardless of which process is used, Dallas Carpet Cleaning stays true to its commitment to the environment - both indoors and out - and uses non-toxic products and methodologies.

Indications that your upholstery needs to be professionally cleaned if any of the following conditions exist:

  • It's been more than two years since the upholstery has been cleaned
  • Discoloration or dulling (check the back or underside of cushions)
  • Visible stains / spotting
  • Odors

Health Note: Sneezing and coughing, allergy attacks and other respiratory issues may, in some cases, be stimulated by improperly maintained upholstery. After checking with a physician, call Dallas Carpet Cleaning 214-550-0138 and ask about Upholstery Cleaning for Health services.

Upholstery cleaning is only one of many cleaning services we at Carpet Cleaning Dallas offer, other house cleaning solution are: carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, auto interior cleaning, pet stain removal, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning and more. Save even more on our already reasonably prices by ordering more than one cleaning service on the same day.

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