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The professional tile and grout cleaning services offered by Carpet Cleaning Dallas TX leave tiled surfaces looking like new. Our comprehensive package delivers goes beyond cleaning and polishing tiles to include sanitization, mold and mildew removal, grout rehabilitation, restoration and sealing.

As interior design trends come and go, tiles remain a constant on the scene. Obtainable in a range of materials (stone, marble, glass, ceramic tile, etc.), not to mention the full gamut of colors, tiles offer beauty, durability and easy care. Even so, neglecting your tile floor, wall or counter coverings will lead to an assortment of problems.

Professional Tile and Grout Care in Dallas, TX 75201

You obviously don't need a professional to wipe down tiled surfaces or to keep them reasonably clean. You do need our professional tile and grout cleaning services, however, to undo the damage your cleaning methods cause. Tile grout is a porous material with small pores that soak up residue from soap, wax, and other products typically used to keep tiled surfaces clean.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Dallas technicians follow and tried and true methodology for floors that more than one year old:

Step one: Pre-treatment with a gentle solvent that loosens soap and wax buildup, calcium carbonates, embedded dirt, grime, mold, mildew. Dallas Carpet Cleaning steers clear of toxic chemicals and uses only eco-friendly solvents and products.

Step two: Thorough, non-invasive brushing of tile and grout surfaces to scrub off the loosened particles.

Step three: Depending on the tile type, location, and grout integrity, washing and rinsing is conducted using either powerful blasts of purifying steam coupled with vigorous vacuuming that sucks up all traces of moisture or a gentler, yet equally efficient, process is used.

Step four: Drying and visual inspection. It is at this point that our technicians inspect and repair tile grout and insure that all spots, stains and traces of mold or mildew have been obliterated.

Step five: Grout sealing (recommended). Promote efficient grout performance by having Dallas Carpet Cleaning add grout sealer or color restoration sealer to grout lines. Sealed grout lines absorb fewer pollutants and bring an immaculate look to your floors.

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