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Carpet Cleaning Dallas provides reliable, efficient carpet cleaning services carried out by a dedicated team professional cleaning technicians. Our crews uses only the latest in carpet cleaning equipment and products - like state-of-the-art truck mounts and residue free, detergent free, chemical free cleaning products.

Traditional carpet cleaning techniques rely heavily on shampoos and other products that contain high levels of toxic chemicals and harsh detergents. These types of products leave behind unpleasant fumes and residues that pollute your interior environment. In addition, clinical tests challenge the effectiveness of these old-fashioned methods. We at carpet cleaning Dallas have adopted a policy of eco-friendly cleaning that stays clear of these inefficient outdated methods.

Effective & Economical Carpet Cleaning in Dallas

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning once every eighteen to twenty four months. The reality is that most people wait much longer. By then, dirt particles, dust and other debris have fallen down to the base of the carpet and are grounded into the padding with every step.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas faces up to the challenge by following a scrupulously following a specific carpet cleaning protocol and by using ultra-efficient, high-power water extraction machines such as truck mount.

Truck mounts are self-contained steam cleaning units which were once reserved for use in the industrial sector. High-temperature steam removes stains, eliminates odors, cleans and refreshes carpets without the use of toxic products. Carpet cleaning wastewater stays clean, as does your interior breathing environment.

Dallas Carpet Cleaning

Dallas Carpet Cleaning follows a specific carpet cleaning protocol:

  • Inspection and testing (as required) - Carpet Cleaning Dallas Estimates are based on an on-site inspection
  • Vacuuming - Surface dust and dirt particles are removed by thorough vacuuming with professional grade equipment. Technicians carefully move furniture to access hard to reach areas.
  • Stain removal and cleaning - Water extraction / steam cleaning with industrial strength machines. Removes dirt, grime and odors.
  • Drying (as required) - Low moisture cleaning requires little additional drying. In cases of excessive humidity additional drying is provided.

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