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"Saved me a lot of sorrow and aggravation when I..."
 Rating: 5.0

Carpet Cleaning Dallas saved me a lot of sorrow and aggravation when I found myself dealing with water damage in my home. I was sure that I'd have to throw away the waterlogged carpet and furniture, but I wasn't sure if the insurance would cover all my expenses. I've used Carpet Cleaning Dallas in the past for carpet and upholstery cleaning, and I remembered that they have a water damage restoration. I called the emergency hotline number and someone was out at the house within a couple of hours. The Carpet Cleaning Dallas representative's professional manner was reassuring. They came up with a game plan and spend time to explain it to me. They also helped me deal with the insurance company.
In the end, Carpet Cleaning Dallas's water damage restoration team was able to extract all the water - and the smell of the fire - out of my carpets, sofa and most of my other upholstered pieces.

"Helped me get a better price for my house..."
 Rating: 4.7

Carpet Cleaning Dallas helped me get a better price for my house. My house had been on the market for a few months and though lots of people seemed interested, not that many people were making offers, and the offers that were coming in were way below asking price. I called in a realtor and they said that the house seemed rundown, leaving potential buyers worried about the cost of remodeling. One realtor gave me Amir's number at Carpet Cleaning Dallas. He came out the same day I called him and came up with a home-renewal plan. It included steam cleaning the upholstery and carpets (to remove stains and odors), tile and grout cleaning and window cleaning. The results were amazing - the kitchen and bathrooms sparkled, the living room and bedrooms smelled clean and fresh.

In the end, I got more than what I was asking, thanks to Carpet Cleaning Dallas.

"They get amazing results..."
 Rating: 4.5

I spent a lot of time researching carpet cleaning services before I decided on Carpet Cleaning Dallas. I was looking for a company that could provide all the services I need - carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and cleaning the windows - using Eco-Friendly methods and products. I didn't want the cleaners to pollute the air inside my home or outside.

Carpet Cleaning Dallas assured me to make every effort to be green - they don't use any harsh chemicals or detergents in the cleaning process, they use steam instead. And they get amazing results. The carpets and furniture were so clean that I'm sure I can continue to use them for much longer than I had anticipated. The tile and grout also responded well to Carpet Cleaning Dallas's methods.

You can feel comfortable protecting the environment indoors (and outdoors) with Carpet Cleaning Dallas.

"These guys are the greatest..."
 Rating: 5

If you're considering using Carpet Cleaning Dallas, consider this: These guys are the greatest. They show up on time, they bring all their own equipment and they really know how to clean.

I first used them when I moved into my house. Once the previous owners vacated, the amount of dirt they left behind was horrifying - you could see the outline of the old furniture on the carpets, and there was grime and mold in the bathrooms. I thought I'd have to spend a bundle on remodeling and redecorating. Instead, I saved a bundle by having Carpet Cleaning Dallas steam clean every inch of the carpet. When they were done, it looked like it was brand new. They also worked wonders with all the tile and grout, in the bathroom, kitchen and patio floor.

You should definitely call on Carpet Cleaning Dallas for any household cleaning chores, big or small.

"A highly professional manner..."
 Rating: 5

When my folks went on vacation they asked me to pick up their mail and check on things in the house. I noticed that the living room was looking a little dull and shabby. I wanted to surprise them by getting the furniture reupholstered, but I didn't have the budget. Then I remembered the great job that Carpet Cleaning Dallas did for me. I called them up and they sent Amir over for an inspection and estimate. Amir patiently went over every detail of the estimate with me, and promised to send me a formal estimate by email. I received the emailed estimate that night and we set up an appointment for the following week.

Everyone from Carpet Cleaning Dallas conducted themselves in a highly professional manner, showing up on time and following through on all their promises. My parents were thrilled when they came home - they actually thought that I had replaced some of the furniture!

I highly recommend Carpet Cleaning Dallas for upholstery and carpet cleaning.

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