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Wood Floor Refinishing Dallas, TX 75201 from Dallas Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Dallas, experts in cleaning & refinishing wood floors and a wide range of other floor coverings, takes all the worry out of wood floor refinishing, cleaning, restoration and rehabilitation. You're in good hands from the start, when one of our friendly, well trained wood specialists arrives on-site for a visual, hands-on inspection and evaluation.

Wood floor refinishing Dallas puts you, the customer, in control by providing inspection based estimates that include a full break-down of the inspector's recommended treatments and their prices. You then approve - or remove - each service offering. The result is a no-surprises comprehensive estimate that takes into consideration your individual needs as well as your budget concerns.

Take a good look at your wood flooring. Do you see a smooth, satiny elegant wood surface or do you see:

  • Scuff marks
  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Discoloration
  • Warping, cupping and buckling
  • Gaps
  • Rug marks

Wood Floor Refinishing Dallas
- The Process

No one knows how to clean wood floors better than Dallas Carpet Cleaning. Our wood specialists go through special training where they learn about best practices, cleaning products, equipment and more. But no wood cleaning seminar, training video or instruction manual can provide the type of education that years of hands-on experience can.

Experience is what led to the development of our highly effective wood floor refinishing process:

Step 1: Clear floor surfaces - homeowners or Dallas Carpet Cleaning technicians carefully remove furniture and other objects, clearing the floor for treatment. In some cases, when large pieces of furniture cannot be removed from the room, they will be delicately moved ever-so-slightly so that technicians can get to every inch of your floor.

Step 2: Protection - furniture left in the room, walls, room corners, vents, floor coverings/carpets, etc. are protected with tape, drop cloths, walk off mats, etc.

Step 3: Dust and dirt removal - using high-powered, professional grade vacuum cleaners.

Step 4: Clean and dry - low moisture cleaning process that does not use ammonia or oil based products. Drying is conducted by hand and/or with blowers and dehumidifiers.

Step 5: Rehabilitation and repair - as required. Spot, stain, scuff and scratch removal. Treatment of more serious issues such as cracking, cupping, gaps, etc. This step may include: sanding, filler application, stain application, etc.

Step 6: Seal, finish and buff - The final steps of the process serve to beautify and protect your floor, leaving it looking the same as it did the day it was installed.

Wood floors are arguably one the most enduring elements of interior design. Protect your investment with professional wood floor refinishing & cleaning from Dallas Carpet Cleaning.

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