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Carpet Cleaning Carrollton presents the low down on Carpet Steam Cleaning - Over the years, several different methods of carpet cleaning have come in and out of style. Dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, carpet shampooing, steam cleaning, and more. Carpet steam cleaning, which is also known as extraction cleaning, hot water extraction and steam vapor cleaning, however, is by far the most effective of them all.

Steam Cleaning, Hot Water Extraction

While regular vacuuming is all you need to keep your carpet looking good, it is not enough when you need to get your carpets really clean, all the way down to the base of its fibers. It is also not enough if someone in your household suffers from allergies or other respiratory sensitivities. In those cases, you can either purchase or rent a carpet steam cleaning machine, or you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service, like Carpet Cleaning Carrollton to get the job done. In fact, steam cleaning at least once every two or three years not only helps eliminate fungus, dust mites and other pollutants that may be clinging to your carpet fibers, but can also help lengthen the life of your carpet.

Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

During our steam cleaning process at Carpet Cleaning Carrollton a pressurized steam is sprayed onto your carpet and then removed, straight away, with a high powered vacuum. When commercial truck mounted steam cleaning equipment is used, the water and debris extracted from the carpet makes its way to a receptacle outside. Smaller, consumer grade steam cleaning machines have a small receptacle on the unit which needs to be emptied at regular intervals.

When conducting steam cleaning, one must take great care to remove as much moisture from the carpets as possible. Insufficient drying may lead to potentially unhealthy problems such as mold, mildew, viruses and bacterial growth. Carpet Cleaning Carrollton services its state-of-the-art equipment regularly, and is conscientious about efficient drying. They augment the extraction process with air blowers and carpet dryers as necessary.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Process - Carrollton Carpet Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is typically an eco-friendly cleaning process. When steam is heated to a night enough temperature, it is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer. Unfortunately, the type of steam cleaners that you can rent or purchase don't usually achieve high enough temperatures, and you may need to add chemical or detergent based cleaning products to achieve the required level of clean. Carrollton Carpet Cleaning offers you eco-friendly steam cleaning process with no chemical.

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